Im in a long distand relationship and now my bf ask me to have sex with his friend and record the whole thing so he could watch it?

I should take this as what we have is just lust and not love? and just break up with him? FYI he didn't even remember my bday last year


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  • DON'T DO IT!!!

    • why he could ask for this?

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    • I would! That is not a good sign. You are being treated like a sex object.

    • Thank you, and good luck!

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  • Oh wow this is kinky! ;-)

    Are u willing to do this? If so, I wouldn't hesitate. He seems very sexually open to this.

    • NO.. and he keeps asking and telling me he loves me wich now i tink is just BS

    • Then I don't blame u if u don't want to participate. U don't think his friend is cute?

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  • WHAT THE F*CK. This is SOOOO abnormal. This man does not love you! A man who truly loves a woman is disgusted and completely outraged by the thought of her being intimate with another guy let alone suggesting it himself! A man who loves you or even simply takes you seriously also isn’t going to forget your birthday. The situation he’s asking you to put yourself in is very sleazy, shady, and abnormal. This guy is weird and you should not trust him nor this situation. People who really care about you wouldn’t selfishly ask you to put yourself in such a sleazy, disgusting position for their own personal gratification. Honestly girl, this situation sounds like a story from Investigation ID just told right after the woman’s friends and family say all these great things about her and who she was before she was murdered…

    Break up with him and cut off all contact. This is a serious red flag and you shouldn’t take it lightly.

  • Don't do it! It's a strange request and I just don't trust it...

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