What does it feel like to be in a relationship?

I've never had a girlfriend before, and I was wondering, what does it feel like to be in a relationship?

I've had a crush before... so when you're dating does your boyfriend / girlfriend still feel like your crush? So does it feel like you're hanging out with your crush all the time?


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  • I love it. My fiance is the first real relationship I have been in. I have dated guys and tried to get to know guys before but they never grew into an actual real meaningful loving relationship like what I have now.

    It doesn't exactly feel like being with a crush. It feels more like I am with my best friend so we are really comfortable. I remember when I was younger I had crushes and crushes are way different. You always are too shy to talk to the person and are always scared that you might do something that will make them not like you. When you have a crush you end up putting the person on a pedastal, like you see the person as an angelic spirit sent from heaven who is just perfect.

    When you are with your best friend then you see them as a human, just like you who also has a life of their own and their own feelings and needs and concerns and insecurities and flaws.. You see them as someone you really like spending time with. A best friend that you can talk to easily and who understands you and cares about you and encourages you. You can also have sex with this bestfriend.

    All relationships are different though. Some people value different things which is why they have different relationships. My fiance and I love being best friends whereas other relatinships do not see each other as best friends and are fine with that.

    Relationships are definitely not like in the Disney movies. Sometimes you will have arguments but they are very nessesary for people to be able to understand each other better and to communicate. Arguments make your relationship stronger when you resolve whatever the argument is. Arguments happen when two people are trying to adjust themselves with the other person. If a relationship has too many arguments then it could be a sign that the two people probably are not fit for each other. Everyone has different personalities and values and and their own way of thinking so you really are not going to be able to blend well with every person.


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