Girls would you be in a relationship with your best guy friend? Guys would you be in a relationship with your girl best friend?

I was always curious because some people say its great to be in a relationship with your best friend
And some say don't do it, now what if they say " my friends are teasing me because they know I like you " and you know his or her friends was only doing it because they know how happy he/she is when he/she is with you.
I really like my best guy friend and he knows but he doesn't know how I truly feel about him because I haven't told him and he knows I'm not ready to date or be in a relationship because I told him when he was asking me a bunch of questions


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  • I am in a relationship with my best guy friend, it's great. All those things that are stressful to find out about someone before or early on in a relationship when it's with someone you weren't familiar with previously, you'll already know. You go into the relationship when you're already on the same page, in a nutshell.

    Before we started dating, I was in a similar position to yours. Not so much with the friends thing, but with myself liking him. I thought I was being incredibly obvious with hints and all, and that he MUST know. That went on for a while, till I got fed up with the uncertainty of it, asked him out directly and turns out he hadn't picked up on the hints at ALL.

    Just tell him, not through your friends. If the feeling is mutual, that's great! If not, give it a week to blow over and you can go back to being friends. :)

    • That is so awesome!!! I don't really read or heard a story about friends dating and thank you!! And yes it is really stressful at times, and when I'm with him I can be myself and not care how I look at times. He knows I like him and that didn't ruin our friendship which was great because instead our friendship and bond grew stronger than it was before, and I will tell him how I really feel and thanks because I was thinking about asking his best friend that is also his roommate if he ever said anything about me. Also the only reason why I was going to ask because he was the main one saying things about us and called us adorable and its not in a teasing way either so I don't know if he is hinting around to him to just be with me already or ask me out on a real date. So instead I will just tell him how I truly feel and also show it as well since they say action speaks more than words

    • lol yeah I think a lot of people choose not to pursue a relationship with a close friend, despite wnating it, because they're scared of the 'friend-zone'. Which is a complete lie, I can't imagine feeling comfortable starting a relationship with someone who was not previously a friend haha. It's great, they've already seen you with no make-up, looking completely nasty after a long night either during or the next morning when you're super hungover. So it's almost like you'll start already a few steps ahead of other couples. :P

      I know doing it through that friend is tempting, seems easy. But remaember that a lot of things can get lost in translation wehn a message is sent via a middle man.
      It will mean much more if you do it in person. Ask him to join you for coffee, say you want to talk to him something to give him a heads up.

      Good luck&keep it short and sweet. Feel free to message me if you need any tips!

    • Haha yes so true!! And is great to start with a friend especially since we are comfortable and he knows how I look without makeup and one time I wanted to dress comfortable sweatpants and a long T-shirt I can do things like that without worrying and yes you are right something might go wrong and yes I thought it would be easy and I will always remember this thank you! And I will definitely do that, I'm out of town right now and he told me how much he misses me and can't wait to see me ( I have been gone for 1 week so far haha ) but he wants to plan a day for just the two of us and that's when I will tell him and keep it simple and short and thank you so much!!! Because I'm sorta new to all of this

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  • Well.. i think in this situation, i feel it's best to let friends investigate for you.

    If they find that the other person does have attraction towards you, then you'll know it's safe to proceed, however if they aren't interested. Then you can avoid awkwardness and you can continue a friendship.

    • That sounds like a great idea but his friends are friends with me as well I met him first and he introduce me to his closest friends more than anyone else. So do you think i should ask one of them? They stare at us a lot smiling and staring every time they see us and his best friend that use to barely talk to me said we looked adorable together and he didn't say it in a way teasing way either.

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    • I'd say just pick whoever you feel most comfortable to investigate and then let the cards fall.

      A girl would be best because she can "Beat around the bush" interrogate him and find out. If you ask his guy friend then he'll go "hey, would u bone Jill?" then he'll report to you. But... either way, if you like him, why not? then you'll know and you can handle your feelings accordingly.

    • Thank you so much!!! And yes you are right and I know a girl that he knows as well that help me out! And yes it will be best so I can know what to do because guessing if I should tell him because I'm assuming he might or might not like me sucks haha

  • I don't have a female best friend. But if I did I'd totally date her.

    • Would you ask her out if she said "my friends are teasing me because they know I like you" or wait until she actually say she likes you?

    • If she said that I would reply "Then why haven't you asked me out yet?"
      I would prefer being the one who's asked out generally though, coming from a shy, introverted guy.

    • Yeah I wanted to do that but I was extremely shy and nervous and ended up laughing... I hope he didn't take it the wrong way but he laughed as well

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  • I would definitely date my best friend. Hands down. We are both so close and get along with each other so well and are so comfortable with each other. I think its super super cute when best friends get together an I often think its the best and most genuine out of all cause no one else can beat your best friend. I think you should tell you best friend. Communication is very important and he is your best friend for a reason. He will understand and he most probably likes you back but is afraid of ruining the friendship. Some best friends do end up falling for each other later on.

    • Thank you! And same with mines we understand each other and he's the only guy I can be myself. And yes I totally agree with you, and I have heard that you will be happier dating your best friend and thank you I will!, I was nervous to tell him because he knows but didn't know If he felt the same way and when I told him last year nothing was ruined and instead our friendship and bond grew even more. Thank you for your opinion!

  • I think it's great :)

    • I think so too! And even I it doesn't work out I think its still possible to still be friends

    • It is, people say its not but if you guys have a good relationship it really is possible to remain friends if things don't work out!