Do I need my fringes back?

am an asian girl and I have been in America for 2 months. I had full fringe but they grow longer that I had to put them up. My asian friends say I am good with those fringe so I began to wonder whether I need my finge back?

Which will guys think more attractive? no fringe ,full fringe or side fringe. Is that ok without my fringe?

By the way, I don't understand some cultures of USA. Is that OK a girl to begin a high five? Is there any difference between High Five and Low Five? Is there any emotional difference between you choose to say See You or Bye to somebody?

Thank you.

Thank you so much.Please be honest. I really wanna look better.

full fringe: link

grow it out




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  • Personally, I think you look just fine with or without so it is really your preference. In general, I tend to favor fringe and that seems to be more toward the style now anyway. Fringe is probably your best bet.

    Yes, a girl can give a high five whenever she feels like it.

    High five is more of a general five, low five is like a follow up to the high five. Only a high five would really be needed.

    Generally, there is no difference between see you and bye. Though, if you want to be more formal you could use "goodbye" or a formal version when first meeting someone is "It was nice to meet you". Otherwise, "bye" is okay in any situation.


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  • Full fringe, definitely! It looks soo much better! :)

    It's fine to initiate a high or low five... as far as I know,high and low five mean the same thing...

    I use both see you and bye interchangeably, it doesn't make a difference... :)