Does she really want to meet or just passing the time?

I have been talking to this woman now for the past few weeks. We have been texting everyday and it has been great. She is a teacher and her friends are all seeming to be getting married and i know she is busy being in the bridal party. She has sent me pics of them and so I know she isn't lying. I asked her out for this weekend and she said sure. Now she is saying she might be busy with coaching soccer and a beer festival. So I played it cool and she said we would meet very soon if not this weekend. Is she just playing games or does she really want to meet? Our texting is great, she sends little flirty texts and kiss faces and all that, so to me it seems like she is into me and DOES want to meet. How can I get her to commit to meeting up with me and not blowing me off for other plans?


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  • Ask her for a very specific answer, say "which time and day of this week are you available to meet?" I think she is interested but just doesn't want to appear as if she is waiting around doing nothing while waiting for you to ask her out. I think she is sending you some pretty obvious signals, the fact that she text you frequently, send you personal pictures and flirty icons... make a definite plan, if its been weeks, you should hurry up to avoid leaving her hanging.

    • I have been trying. I thought I would ask her today if she knew what her plans were this weekend and if she is busy when she is free to meet up. I see the signals pretty clear but since she said yes to meeting and then the next day says she is busy, why not put it on her? I have pushed meeting but don't want it to come off needy. She said if not this weekend very soon, so should I ask her again about this weekend or just have her pick a day and time to meet?

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    • I would cut a guy out he just keeps on texting and never ask me out, you need to ask her out ASAP

    • She is busy again next weekend but after that she is free so I think we will meet then. I just dont want to be that guy asking a hundred times. My friend is opening a Barcade, a bar with an arcade like when i was a kid. She loves video games and the grand opening is this weekend. I asked her to come out with me to the new bar and she said she was definitely down to go with me. Of course no date set yet but I have put in the effort to get her to come out and meet me. It is just a busy time for her and I do need to respect that. How could a guy text you and never ask you out? I would be pretty annoyed too if I just get a run around. Even if she isn't into me when we meet at least we got to meet and can still have a good time. I am a fairly positive guy and it takes a lot to get me in a bad mood. Thanks for your advice it has helped a lot!

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