Is it a good idea to get with someone from your past?

We were never in an official relationship or anything. We went out on two dates and just made out a lot never had sex. We talked for about two months but I was also kind of seeing someone else at the time. We just stopped talking. Recently we started talking again. It has been two years. We caught up and it doesn't even seem like we didn't talk for two years. He wants to come visit me at school. Is this a good idea? He also told me he just broke up with his ex 5 months ago, but is over the emotional stuff, but also told me he did want to marry her at some point but then she broke up with him.


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  • Go for it, have fun :)


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  • Go for it there's nothing wrong w it
    It won't hurt to try

    • I just dont want to be his rebound

    • Then talk to him ask him y all of a sudden things changed