Why do so many young men think that just because they like a girl or are nice to them that it somehow gives that girl an obligation to flirt and date?

This level of self-absorption, selfishness, self-centeredness and entitlement is simply apalling. Not only is it beyond the boundaries of etiquette and decency, it's demeaning and rude to women to behave as if they are obligated to date you and flirt with you just because you are nice to them.

Why do so many young men think this way? What on God's green earth makes them so special that women are required to give them the time of day every time they are nice to a girl?

Enlighten me.


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  • Hahaha, they can think what they like. I personally give very few people the time of day, too busy, got priorities.


What Guys Said 2

  • My nigga, I've been asking myself the same thing.

    I think it comes down to the sense of entitlement many people in this generation seem to have.

  • I ask myself this every day! Being a decent human being does not entitle you to anything! You are doing the bare fucking minimum and you expect women to fucking worship you? This childish mindset is just disgusting and pathetic on every level! I am ashamed to say I am in the same generation as these entitled babymen.