Is this guy just looking for friends with benefits?

Ok so we've been talking for a few months now and things seem to be going well? We see each other usually at least twice a week and text everyday! We talk about everything and he's told me how comfortabl he feels around me he also calls me babe a lot! I thought these were all good signs but we've never had the "where is this going" chat? And he keeps saying things like "things are good how they are" I've also never met his friends or family and he doesn't seem to wanna meet mine? I don't know if I'm getting mixed signals or being a typical girl here? HELP


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  • The real question is have you been intimate with him yet... sexually? Contrary to popular belief people don't like to go head over heels and show people off to their fam.. because the reality is people drift in and out of people's lives.. monthly. . Weekly. So you probably wouldn't be introduced to anyone unless it was considered a long term thing

    • Yeah we've been kind of seeing eachother and have had sex for like 3 months and in passing he said he wasn't seeing anyone else but I don't know if he meant were exclusive or at that point he wasn't seeing anyone else?

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  • If you both are doing the dirty, a roll in the hay, let's say because he tells You-------Things are good how they are... Then he is hinting around with no hymning nor hawing that he doesn't want This to go any further than it is right now because "Why fix something that doesn't need to be fixed if not broken?"
    It's apparent you both are not what I would call in a Friends with benefits factor but more like two people who are in this Relationship of "maybe it will go somewhere, let's take it slow and see if it just might" sort of stage. He likes being with you, even calls you a pet name and without it being etched in stone, he is not in any hurry to have you Meet the parents or slap a title on you both tomorrow here, dear.
    Nurse and nurture what you have started. However, with you seeing one another and 'Text every day,' it wouldn't hurt you to begin your own beguine to move things a bit by suggesting that once in a blue moon You------Paint the town red to see if there might be more in store.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, glad to have been able to oblige.:)) xxoo

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