Will he come back?

I was seeing this guy for over a year. mainly were friends with benifits but he started confusing me in what he wanted by buying me things for Christmas and what not. Then he started talking about how he doesn't deserve meand i treat him so good. Well i know for a fact he is seeing another girl and im kinda lost... I've given him his space and he hasn't text me for almost a month now... will he start talking to me again?


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  • I wouldn't wait for him. If you want more than friend with benefits... Maybe you need to discuss those feelings with him. If not I'm sure he'll be around again when he wants to have fun.

  • Why would you want someone like that to get back in touch. Respect yourself and move on as he has. If he got rid that quick he is not going to stick with you if he just wanted sex he can get it anywhere

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