Is the title of 'girlfriend' really that important and revered?

I'm just looking for a little perspective (aren't we all).

This wonderful girl that I've been seeing for the last month and a half recently gave me some thinking points after I inadvertently referred to her as my girlfriend and then backtracked and asked her if that was cool.

The question isn't so much about her as it is about you ladies.

Is the title of 'girlfriend' something you revere and save for special guys or does it apply to whomever you're dating at the moment? Why or why not?


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  • I think once it's clarified that we're in a committed relationship, then the term 'girlfriend' is appropriate. I can see a girl being a bit jerked if a guy calls her his girlfriend after a few dates and no actual communication of the confirmation of the 'title.' If we're caught off guard then that's usually how we'll react, but most of the time we enjoying hearing the guy say 'this is my girlfriend' it's nice to hear, and it's nice to know that he feels comfortable enough to tell others :)


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  • for me the title is special. it says that I'm only dating that guy and that's the only guy I want to be dating because I think he is different and important. unless you're just calling her that and its not exclusive.


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