Just became friends with a girl. How do I figure out if she's interested?

I just started university and everyone is making friends with everyone. She gave me her number so I could contact her if I missed class haha. It's not anything unusual to give a new friend your number, so that's not a sign at all. The thing is that it's the first few weeks of uni and everyone is trying to make friends and fake laughing at everything everyone says. so how do I figure it out?


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  • Just try to get to know her on a personal level by starting to hang out more one-on-one. That way you'll know if she's a fake or not, because 1. if less people are around, there are less people to impress = less faking and 2. if she doesn't really care about you, or care about getting to know you, she will most likely start flaking out rather soon. Meaning, if you ask her to hang out just the two of you, she might come up with a bunch of excuses every single time. But also keep in mind to not be too pushy and to not ask her to hang out too soon, that might also cause her to make up excuses (if she feels uncomfortable, unsafe or nervous).
    If she's more of a straightforward girl, she might express attraction in the form of compliments and physical affection. Meaning, she might compliment you on your looks, or on something specific you've done that impressed her in some way. She might also want to hug you, hold your hand, tickle you, touch your arm/hand during conversations etc. She might also tease you.
    If she's more shy and reserved, chances are you won't really be able to tell if she likes you as more than a friend. But don't worry, just because she might not show you any clear signs, it doesn't mean that she doesn't like you. Your safest bet with a shy girl is to simply show clear interest in her yourself, and to ask her out.

  • Give it time, and look for the "sings" ilike if she turns to check u out, or if she smiles often with you... Who knows maybe in time she will response to something romantic but don't force anything


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