Is my guy friend attracted to me? or am I just being complimented?

a guy friend of mine acts nervous around me - scratches head, fidgets, and I've noticed his pupilks are dilated as well most of the time...

he even told me straight to my face that im "beautiful", and always speaks nicely of me as well... after all these years he wanted to re-connect with me and we never spoke when we were kids...

is my guy friend attracted to me? and does he see me beyond friendship?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Either or. The real question is why you're not reciprocating?

    • do guys get in contact with chics that they neverspoke with in the past as kids?

    • Sometimes. But not necessarily sexual. Everyone goes through a TBT moment like hey remember... best advice i can give you is never read into a guys behavior. Take it all for face value. Thats it. No ifs or buts or maybe he meant. No. Hi just means hi. Thats all.

What Girls Said 1

  • Lol if he's close enough for you to see dilation... yeah I'd say he's attracted to you :)

    • and why do his buddies tease us that we like each other?

    • Because y'all like each other obviously & apparently they're incredibly immature still