Why did he do this? did he wanna see my reaction?

my male buddy/crush told me that he has a "thing" for this girl... then when i expressed to him that i like him, he started shaking and was quite nervous... another time when a friend of mine asked him if he likes me he started giggling and acting all shy about it... he had also asked one of my friends if i like him as well...

why did he tease me about another chic? and why did he get all nervous about me? and why was he feeling down when i got upset and started crying?

  • likes me/ wanted to see my reaction
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  • Honey, that other chic is YOU! That was the shy guy's way of hinting that he likes you, which he clearly does!

    • he told me that about this other girl i asked him about then to my friend he said he likes me and was giggling lol... and he has told me im beautiful

    • why was he upset when i was crying?

    • Because he clearly has feelings for you! It's so obvious lol! Dont over think this, he clearly likes you!

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  • Hard to tell , I'm sure you both like each other but it's a tough transition from friends to lovers


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  • Its obvious that he likes you and that he wanted to see your reaction.. Muster up courage and make a move because he is very shy.. All the Best...;)

    • what kind of a move? he knows i likehim and he was nervous lol

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    • and why do his buddies tease us that we like each other?

    • Because maybe he has told them that he like you..