We like each other but it's so awkward. How do I not be awkward and talk to him properly?

We confessed that we like each other. He told me that he's liked me for a really long time. I ended up liking him too with all the teasing his friends did. I had mixed feelings for him then (because of a misunderstanding---you could check my other questions if you want to know about it), but now I know I truly like him. We would chat online and would text. It'd still be awkward sometimes ahaha. We would try to talk in school, but it's so awkward. I would tell him it's awkward and he would agree haha. He asked me out on a date and I agreed to. My mom won't allow me to go out because I didn't ask for her consent first before going out with a friend...

And is it bad that it's almost the end of the school year and we're still ao awkward around each other? It's been a month since we confessed and it's just so awkward haha. Is that bad?


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  • You are being shy and there are some communication problems. Try doing the things in which you have mutual interest for better chemistry.


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