How to deal with extremely busy girlfriend? Is she avoiding me?

This is my first time posting here to I'll try to make the explanation clear and concise.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now. But ever since she entered her last college semester, she's been extremely busy with homework, exams, school, and job search. Literally her busiest semester... At the same time she's been more awkward around me. At first we still text everyday and occasionally went out on dates, but that slowly decreased. I know she's busy and stressed out, but when we got together she wasn't very energetic or affectionate like before. About 2 weeks ago, I got concerned, so we had a talk to see what's up. She told me she was super stressed and has become unsure (about her feelings). We decided it would be a good idea to take some time-off, at my suggestion.

Our frequent texts have decreased during this period. She doesn't initiate texts anymore, but still responds to mine. I've cut down on texts so that I wouldn't bother her. Now we say 'hi' maybe 2-3 times a week by text. But we haven't seen each other since. She has two big exams this week.

I understand that she's extremely busy and all, but I am not sure if she's also losing interest in me. I've heard many say that I should cut all contact and see if she'll initiate any contact. But from her personality I know very well that she's not the type of person who would initiate conversations, especially when she was busy. She was like that a little last semester, but not this extreme.

I'm not sure how to approach her. I love her very much and would like her to be successful with everything. But at the same time, I can't help but think that she'll forget about me. She never said she wanted to break up, but the affection is gone...

What should I do? What is going on?
How should I go about asking her on dates?

she's also deactivated social networking sites so she can concentrate on stuff... so i know she's actually busy


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  • I know it isn't what you would like to hear but just stop contacting her. You already suggested a break and she didn't even protest. She has other priorities right now and you need to try and accept that you are not one of them.
    For your part, just move on. Stay single or date. do whatever feels right to you and take care of yourself. If she forgets about you so easily, she never really loved you. Because when you honestly love a person you make it work, no matter what. Don't leave the door open for her and potencially miss out on another great girl that might be the one to make you happy.

    • i love my gf so i'll try to keep my hopes up. there's this really hot girl that caught my attention at work so maybe i'll try talking to her...

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  • Yeah I would stop texting her period. If she doesn't reply then the relationship isn't going anywhere. And if she asks why you didn't text her, you can tell her that she seemed really busy and that it seemed like she wanted some space so as to get things done, which you can definitely respect.

    If she doesn't text you but sees you in person and is mad or pissed/whatever, you can tell her that you were putting substantially more effort into the relationship and having to initiate everything, which isn't how you want a relationship to go.

    • i don't like these kind of mind tricks tho...