Should I give up on this guy?

I met this guy about 2 months ago but nothing happened. He was in my city for work. We kept in touch and through a set of random happenings, I ended up getting a new job in his city. I messaged him when I got here, telling him that I was here and after assuring him that it wasn't a joke and I actually was in the same city, he said that he would meet me after work for a drink. We met up and had a good time. There were no awkward pauses, he offered to drive me to Ikea if I needed to buy things for my new apartment, and make some vague indications that we should go to the museum that he;d never been to before.
He walked me home and kissed me at the door. It got a bit hot and heavy so I invited him up. I know, I know!!! We didn't have actual sex but we did everything but. It was late and he was going away for the weekend and I only have a single bed in my apt so he left.
I didn't hear from him but hey he was away, right? It got to Tuesday and I messaged him, 'How was your trip?' and he replied like 2 mins after with a good message asking me how my first weekend in the city was. We text chatted for a bit and then it finished.
I really don't know what to do, does it seem like he likes me or is interested... surely if he did like me, he'd be more willing to get in contact. I don't want to be the one to constantly initiate contact.


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  • The fast reply says there's definitely something there, to me. Take it easy and if you hear nothing for a few days, don't worry. Most guys like space, and nothing scares us off faster than a tor**** of messages.

    Perhaps give it a few days and see if he fancies going out around the city to sight-see, or grab a casual bite to eat?

    • OH yeah totally. If I message then it'll be like 1 every few days. It's not a tor**** of 'Where are you? Why aren''t you messaging me?' insanity.

    • This is good to hear :)

      It sounds like you're already on track, be interested to hear how this one pans out!

      If you don't mind me asking, what's the chemistry like between you?

    • When we were living in different cities, we would definitely flirt over messages and I mean I only have the one ACTUAL live date to go from for in person but it was pretty good.. or I think it was pretty good. I mean on the date he kept asking if I wanted another drink and trying to extend the evening. We didn't have any awkward pauses in conversation or anything.
      He suggested meeting up that same evening that I texted him... he suggested coming to meet me from my work when I was finished, he suggested walking me home and he made the first move. Not that I was unwilling ;) ... hahah.

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  • Just leave it for a while and if he contacts you, he likes you, if he doesn't, he doesn't like you enough. Its as simple as that really. Just as long as you are sure he knows you like him.


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  • If you like someone you always manage to make time for them. So if he hasn't then...

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