Do girls actually want more control in a relationship?

Alright, this is probably an odd question, but;

Would a girl like to have more control over things in a relationship? Like being the one who sets the rules and boundaries, and to be the one who makes decisions in the relationship.

-- Because I want to know whether a girl would like it if I just wanted to let her control everything the way that she wants things to be done... So that it would make it easier for me to keep her happy.

What do you think?

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  • Ooo, good question to which I think there are going to be many answers. For me, personally, initially, I do not want to be the one making the decisions (what to do, where we are going and so forth).

    Now after you have been dating for a while, I think its a good idea that everything is a compromise, unless there is a surprise for one partner or another.


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  • For the most part I like it to be a 50/50 partnership, but with some things I want the man to be the man. I'm just attracted to the dominant type I guess. I don't think either way is really wrong, it's whatever you want

    • Yeah, I figured most people would say 50/50. But you always hear guys be like "nah, I can't, the wife would be pissed" or "shit, the wife's gonna kill me!" etc . But I also am attracted to the dominant type. My ex of 5 years was the dominant type, and it's pretty hott... until she refused to stop fighting over something...

  • It really just depends on here style is she the dom or sub? If she is the dominate type then yeah let her take SOME controle don't let her do it all because that I what a man is for... To wear the pants! And if she is the submissive type no don't do it she will be turned off quick by you doing that. But really a relationship is based on equals you do a part and she does a part. No one really truly has all the power!


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