How do I fix what I did?

Hi I started talking to this girl online about 5 months ago and we haven't met yet but we know where each other live and I know her whole life I didn't like her that much but I do now. She even said she wants us to be exclusive. An the last guy she was with was controlling and verbally and physically abusive in a 4 year relationship. I sent her flowers to her job to be romantic she liked them. She always said her previous guys were crappy guys and I wasn't texting her that much so I thiught I needed to do more so I kept asking her about our situation validation for her sake so she knew where we stood. I only did it cuz I thought that's what she wanted. So now she said she feels smothered an that I need to back off some cuz it's making her shut down. I really am not that overbearing guy and I want to be with her and I honestly thought I was doing the right thing so please tell me what I need to do to fix what I messed up


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  • Tell her just as you told us in this post.

    I think once she understands where you are coming from, it truly could change her perspective.

  • Give her some space for a week or two. Make her miss your attention and then she will come back to you

    • So should it be cold turkey cuz we are social media friends and we play this trivia crack game together im asking cuz I've never actually cared this much till now so I wanna do things right

    • Yes because it will give her a chance to miss you

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