He keeps asking me to hang out but when it comes time to make official plans he chickens out!

we were classmates in elementary, and just reconnected recently. He asked me out but when we tried to make plans he had to back out because he says he got busy.

the next time he wanted to hang out was randomly at 12:30 am (we are both 16 and would have had to sneak out)

so I suggested maybe sometime the next weekend and he said that was great, and seemed into it, but when I tried to confirm for saturday he mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth.

He keeps saying we NEED to hang out...but is acting strange, what's up?


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  • Your both 16, maybe he's shy. You can't expect a guy to be as mature as you. I wouldn't be too worried about it though.


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  • He's intimidated by you!

    Not in a bad way, just he can't back up his talk because he probably REALLY nervous that he'll blow it with you.

    Or it could be another girl, but I have the feeling he's just nervous.

    • Can I make him not intimidated by me?

    • You're gonna have to make the first move to show him you are "really" interested in him.

      I'm really disappointed in this dude, he should just act like a man already!

    • I think I've made TOO many moves. I'm an assertive female sometimes..

  • Hes not very confident and intimated by you which means he probably finds you very attractive and is nervous that he will screw things up with you.

    • What do I do? I still want to hang out with him!

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  • oh yeah this sound familiar. I'm going to assume it's the same thing that happend with me. The guy is shy or just afraid to actually sneak out.

    So make a plan give a time and place (it should be close by him so he can walk there) show up there and he should show up because if he wan't to see you he would feel bad not finding his way over there.