What do you do when she doesn't call?

Guys how do you feel when a girl you like doesn't call you, you know she likes you, you hang out together, and she leaves you your job to call her. Could it be a reason a guy wouldn't ask a girl out because she never calls him, texts him or shows any attention? When only you're the one to show it.

Could this be a reason people stay in friends with benefits situation?


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  • Okay, if I call/hang out, whatever, with a girl and some time goes, and it has GOTTEN to the point where I'm the only one putting in effort then 1: if she says she's going to call and I feel it's deliberate you didn't, you're either playing hard to get, or something like you're nervous, but if we hang out, then why would you be nervous, but still, who knows. Amnesia, maybe. (there's some sarcasm there)

    2: If I'm the only one to show effort, then I'm going to think that she doesn't show any back because she likes the attention that I give her and she doesn't have consideration for reciprocating it back, she is only thinking of herself, and assuming a lot of things about me, instead of putting in the effort to find out. She likes to take the attention and feel good about it and it makes her feel flattered, but if I'm the only one showing any effort and she's not giving any back, it's using a person in a way, for their own personal gain.

    Now if I call a girl, and she don't answer, it's not a big deal, but if she never answers, then I'm going to think she's avoiding me and I'm moving on. That's when I rule out that you're not nervous, or anything like that, and it feels like the girl is more selfish, and isn't really interested, or doesn't mean what she says.

    • If I was in a friends with benefits situation and it was mainly one sided and she wanted more, then I would need some effort shown or else I wouldn't know. I'm not a mind reader.

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  • To answer your first question, yes it would be a very major reason for me not to ask her out, a relationship is a equal sided endeavor. If a girl doesn't call/show attention to me, it shows that she doesn't really like me, or if she does, it obviously isn't enough to put any effort into it.

    As far as the second question goes, it would depend on the people involved.

  • Wow I didn't know that girls purposely didn't call guys! Lol I guess they WERE interested. Shrugs too late to find out now. All this time I thought that if they were interested they would at least call or text.


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  • You can answer your own question by picturing yourself in that situation. How would you feel if you were the only one putting forth any effort? I wouldn't waste my time on someone that didn't pay attention to me.

    • I think that even friends with benefits call each other equally lol