I text her, she texts me back, after a while, she stops and won't hear from her till I've texted her back..

so I text her, she text me back. smiles after every sentence.

after a while she stops responding. the next day, another text.

she responds, but then she stops again. so, I decided to give her a call which I think I should've done earlier. no response.

i want to ask this girl out for a drink or two but how can I when she doesn't respond and I'm not about to start asking her through text.

we've known each other for 5 years now and I feel as if she has placed me in a friend zone. tossing me hearts & comments that sound like she likes me but how can she if she keeps pushing me to the side by ignoring me after a convo.

my texts don't sound eager.is she playing games? we've known each other for too long to be doing that.

is she a flirt or what? what should I do?


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  • Here's what she's thinking.

    "I don't like this guy but I'll keep him around until I find someone better"

    Plenty of fish out there my friend.