How can I choose between guys?

There are 3 guys who asked me out this week.
I'm kinda crushing on the 3 of them but i really need to choose cos i can't loose the 3 of them
1st : He always makes me laugh, he is super cute
2nd: He is usually so confident but around me he is so sweet and adorable. He can always make me laugh
3rd: He is super shy but our long eye contacts are AMAZING. He is super handsome


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  • Well that's just super
    sounds like a super hard decision
    how about the one who makes ya feel super


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  • Shy one has a bigger dick but doesn't have to make up for it with his ego. I say 3


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  • 1st: If he makes you happy then he sounds great.

    2nd: If he is super confident he might be a bit cocky and different with other people around then sensitive and cute around you. You might feel like his being bi-polar even though his not.

    3nd: Do you only like him for his looks? If he is shy then you might have to make all the first moves. (Wear the pants in the relationship)

    Maybe try to get to know them better first before saying yes/no. Or tell them you need time and wait a bit... then see who you miss and can't stop thinking about most.