This girl likes me, doesn't want a relationship, but we still talk and hang out?

I met a girl in my college class 10 weeks ago, and we really hit it off (we studied together the night we first met). She asked me to watch a movie with her, and we went out to lunch a few times. One night, she says we have to talk and tells me she loves hanging out with me. But, she says that she's not very happy with herself right now (she mentioned she had a thing last term that really messed her up), and that she "can't drag me through her crap". She tells me that she wants to stay friends for now. I tell her how I feel about her, and that I respect her desire to be friends. She calls me a great guy, and says that meeting me is her favorite part of our class.

It has been a few weeks and we're still hanging out together. We're watching a movie together this weekend, and she asked me to come to a club meeting with her. We wait for each other after class, and we text occasionally. I'm registered to take another class with her next term.

My biggest question is, what now? I'm trying to meet people, but I still really care about her. I'm not waiting for her, but is there any chance this could ever become a relationship?


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  • It can in the future. I suggest you talk to other girls and still be friends with her. When she gets jealous let her know how you feel. Or you could play your hand know and try to force her into a relationship but I don't suggest it.