Is there any benefit of being cute instead of hot?

Girls are attracted to me, but I have heard a lot of girls say I'm cute but I don't know if that's a good thing. When I try to talk to girls they give me a cold shoulder or are just not interested. I have a nice body and face, but I look a bit younger. I'm 20 years old too. Girls have flirted with me and told me things like "my sister thinks your cute" while she is blushing. Girls friends telling her that I'm cute while I walk away from them and etc.


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  • Yeah, of course there are benefits! Being cute instead of hot makes you more approachable :)

    I think your actual question is weather or not girls will still be into you/ want to date you since you're "cute" and not hot. And the answer is YES!

    • But I'm also a bit awkward and I guess when I talk to them they seem to have an uneasiness. They seem cold and uninterested:/

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    • I'm pretty sure she knows I like her now... Do you think she wasn't attracted to me and that's why she pushed me off? But why would she say she thought I was cool? I know she likes my cuz but he has a gf. Sorry for all the questions l9l.

    • Weather you like someone or not, no one wants a drunk body clinging to them ever. Just because she pushed you off, doesn't mean she's not attracted to you. She just finds you cool, probably a chill sort of guy. Sounds like she sees you as a friend. But that could always change depending on how you interact with her.

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  • cute adorable and hot are all synonymous to me. I'm attracted to you either way, it just depends on the moment whether or not you're cute / hot / adorable.

  • cute is more trustworthy than hot.


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