Is he banging international chicks?

Let me re-phrase the question.

I know he's most likely banging international chicks.

He logged onto his dating profile on Badoo despite "being bored with the app" and changed his pictures. He's currently vacationing abroad and is probably using this as an opportunity to bang foreign women, then run away without taking responsibility for it.

But I want you to convince me that he isn't. Because I feel like I might explode if I accept that he is.


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  • i would rather you face the truth than make yourself happy with a lie, as beesod rightly said him JUST being active on the dating site is reason enough to leave him. how can he be happy and faithful if he keeps dating sites active? the SOLE reason you stay active on a dating site/app is to hook up with people and cheat


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  • I think if your boyfriend is using a hook up or dating app when he's with you that's reason alone to leave him. Don't even give him the time of day to be angry, he isn't worth your energy.

    • We met on there, but he quit after we connected. Now he's back on. Red flag.

      Would it be reasonable to cuss him out for merely being on the app, when I don't know for sure that he's banging said foreigners?

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    • You're right.

      All right, I'll prepare for the meltdown.

    • I'm sorry, I know how you feel. You don't want to believe it because you know it will hurt. Try to be strong and remember its his loss he decides to do this, not yours. Better to know sooner than later.

  • I think it's better to let you explode. Let him have it.


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  • If u think he is u should dump him. He should be trying to make you happy.

  • Tear his ass apart