I need help don't know what to do just separated and found someone but don't know what to do?

I just separated from unhappy marriage she left me 4 weeks ago. I was destroyed by it but not for long as it was for the best. I'm not from the UK originally but moved here because of ex is from UK. We have 2 kids. I met a girl through social media and we have been talking for 5 days went on a date wich lasted 10 hours went for lunch movies and back to mine for more chat until the end of the night, I asked for a kiss and I got one and now I can't stop thinking about her. We are still talking but she's afraid to be hurt and I just lost my job, trying to find any job. she is worried about the situation Im in as she is high class from a well off family never been inside a council flat. and I'm ALONE in not my country and in shitty counsel flat. I really really like her but I'm afraid to get hurt Again

  • What would you do for someone you just met and don't like their circumstances but like the person
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  • Talk to her and don't take her for granted, keep your heart open


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  • You should stay in the relationship with this new woman. It may seem fast, it sounds like she is already helping you. Just make sure she isn't a rebound.
    Everyone has the fear of being hurt by their significant other.
    You should keep seeing her if she makes you happy.


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  • Dude, you're separated, not divorced yet. So why would you put yourself in that situation? I think you should end the marriage first before getting someone new.


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