Why is dating so stupid, why do we need to play dumb games instead of just get to know each other?

This may be because I dont get dating, but it seems like girls give a guy a million things he could do wrong, and one thing that he could do right for them to like you. The whole thing is a game of manipulation and in the girls eyes whoever can manipulate them the best or have the best game is the most attractive guy. I dont have the best game but I know Im a good guy and I just want to be upfront and genuine and get her to know me and vice versa but it seems girls are more concerned with petty bullshit so much so that I just think dating is a waste of time and I have better things to do. Why do girls judge a guy on this just because someone can or can't talk a good game doesn't mean they are not good in reality. Girls can't see who I am because they are preoccupied that I have bad game or other dumb stuff like hype with other women.


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  • Why is dating so stupid, why do we need to play dumb games instead of just get to know each other?
    Likely dating is so stupid because people can eliminate others for any reason they want and others don't like it because that limits their chances of getting who they want. The lack of immediate gratification is more likely what others see as playing games.

    • What your saying is so stupid Im not looking for immediate gratification in saying girls focus more on bullshit than getting to know you and nobodies perfect you should give guys a chance if they make a mistake

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    • I've repeatedly stated at least 7 times how you can tell her cues. In fact a response just above yours list various ways.

      Humans can understand indirect and direct communication. Recall me stating how this lacking ability is prone to those that don't interact much, don't interact much when growing up, socially awkward, anti-social, introverts. Don't bs as if this is a human struggle. It's your struggle because you're out of the norm.

      Nowhere have I stated anything near a feminist notion. Exactly what and where am I pushing 'feminist bullsh*t'? o. O

    • By asking me how you can read her cues I'm being to wonder if you pay attention:
      "understand facial expressions/body language/social cues"
      "social cues/understanding/boundaries/comfort"
      "social cues, facial expressions, and body language. Then by conversing they can pick up on more personal cues through voice/word choice."
      "social cues, facial expression, body language."
      "social cues, facial expressions, body language, voice, and word choice."
      " social cues, facial expressions, body language, voice, word choice."
      " social cues, facial expressions, body language, and recognizing voice/word choice"

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  • Instead of thinking of dating as a test, think of it as a way to get to know each other. I mean dates are doing activities that you two can do together. It helps determine how well you two work together or how she/you handle each others interests. If your interests or personalities even match up. I think that a lot of times people get so focused on dating being a test though because when you date, there's a chance of being used for the wrong reasons (this doesn't just mean girls, it applies to men as well) and get hurt emotionally. But yea. Don't worry if you have game or not. If you meet the right girl, she won't care how good your game is. As long as you come off as a good and sincere guy, she'll want to get to know you and will open up to you as well.

  • Dating IS about getting to know each other. You plan get togethers where you can do things and talk. That's pretty much what dating is. Obviously, yeah, you can do something wrong and fuck it up, but that's pretty much how everything goes? ?

    How do you propose two people that get to know each other then, rather than dating? I'm curious.

    But really, it seemed like you just posted this to rant and say girls are shallow. Right. The *only* reason you're single is because girls only want the very most attractive guys in the world. Right. No way you're the problem.

    • Ok really? Just stupid

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    • Oops. I meant to say, stay clear of the girls that are about games. There's cool ones out there.

    • Girls don't set up traps nor do they test you. They try to figure out if they like you. Thus far, they simply haven't liked you. That's life, move on to another

  • Dating is stupid I agree. I understand it's like that with me but with boys.


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  • Because people are idiots my friend. They need to make their life more complicated so they can feel smart. Of course they can't do actual smart stuff, so they give everything they got to social relationships, not even limited to dating.

  • Yep. I came to the same conclusion after I got burned by a girl who was giving me all kinds of mixed signals then burned me in the end. It's a question that doesn't have an answer but I'm honestly more at peace since I've stopped bothering.

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