Signs that a guy likes you?

I've noticed this guy staring at me during class and I like him. I'm not sure if he likes me too but we are both too shy to talk to each other.
Guys: what do you do to hint to a girl that you like them if your to shy to talk to them?
Girls/Guys: by the way I don't wanna make a first move so what are some things that shy guys do to hint to a girl they like them. Am I missing something?

He's quiet around everyone that he's not close to but of the entire grade he is a popular jock so I'm afraid that he might laugh in my face if I make the first move. I know that you might say move on because of that but I still like him so, what else do guys do to hint to a girl?
I was basically planning on telling him how I feel but not actually ask him out. Is that okay?


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  • He doesn't wanna make the first move either. It's all about "fear of rejection." Grab his arm and slip a note into his hand with your phone # and "call/text me."

    • actually if that happened to me id be scared to actually text the person id prefer if they did the first move

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    • Yea or lol I can do that stupid hand thing where I ask him if he can hold something and then when he agrees I'll have him hold my hand😂

    • But I would never do that

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  • well IM very shy and honestly the only hint I would say is staring (and dont be an a hole who says its cute when he does it but when ugly people do its creepy) but I wouldn't go just off that. in order to find out you would have to make the first move (trust me you will be fine cause shy guys are really nice). Just go say hi and asks what he likes and stuff :)


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  • Eye contact, and a smile always makes everyone look more approachable! Be nice to everyone, show that you're not a bitch :)

    • Yea. Im a complete social butterfly except for it when it comes to this guy. I gave everyone in my grade candy on V-day, I hang out with everyone except for him and his friends, I attend all school bball games and I even sometimes hangout with the jocks on weekends so everyone knows I'm nice and likable even the guy I like, its just even thinking about talking to him makes me all shy and quiet

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