How to regain the trust that I once had with my fiancé?

How can I get myself to start trusting my fiancé of 7 years again? He has broken the "trust" one too many times and it is hard to believe anything he says. It's one of those things, you want to believe him, but you can't.


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  • The fact that you have been engaged for 7 years speaks volume.
    Dump him and don't waste your life away like that..

    • There's only one problem.. We have two little girls together. I've already kicked him out for about a week and my girls missed him dearly, so I let him back in. It breaks my heart to see what my girls went through and to know I give my all in this relationship and I don't feel appreciated.

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    • You are welcome. I hope I helped in some small way.. Rally done support around you. Family dusters, friends. Men are far more willful than us women. But you GOT to match him, no choice there.
      Once he gets the message it will get better.. 😊

    • Family, sisters*** lol at auto correct

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