Is he playing mind games... or do he really not like me. HELP?

I've sorta been seeing this guy. Cut a long story short. We are both just out of a serious relationship and my ex used to be his good friend. And at first he said he couldn't cause of him. But he was always the one texting me. And one night he asked if he could stay at mine. Things were going good. He was texting me all the time and stuff. Then he sends me a text saying that he's confused about how I feel about him and he doesn't have any feeling for me. So I said ok we will just leave it at that. Then his reply was... Its all very well saying that but what happens when we end up drunk together haha. Does he just really not like me or is he fucking with my head? Please help. Thank you!

Need guys advice please


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  • It seems like he likes you. He may have mixed feelings due to you being his friends ex and all. Also, he may assume that you aren't into him as much as he is into you, which can cause him to have mixed feelings for you as well. That text you sent him probably did not help.

    • But we both have agreed that we didn't want anything serious. And every time I do say something nice to him. That might make him think I do. That's when he starts saying quite hurtful stuff that he doesn't have any feelings for me and he's just sort of rebounding so it's hard not to say that we should leave it at that. When he makes me feel that he doesn't care as much as me. What should I do? Thanks for your advice

    • It seems like there may be some sort or mind game going on between you two. If there is, and i am not saying that there is, then that most definitely needs to stop. Also, communication is key for sure. If the two of you really do have an interest in each other then you guys will have to communicate and let your interest be known. Beating around the bush does not really help because it brings uncertainty.

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  • I dont wanna spoil it so xD

    • Girl needing a little help here 🙊

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    • shy or in case you dont like him so it isn't awkward

    • Ok thank you!

  • He likes you, but he's feeling guilty/shitty due to his friend. If you don't want anything serious, don't make him choose between you and his friend :)

    • I would want it to be more but I don't think he does. Why would he not just say that. Instead of saying that he had no feeling for me. Now he doesn't text. I hate dating haha! Thanks for your help :)

    • If you want something more, go to the pub with him and tell him how you feel. If he doesn't want anything serious, well at least you will have clarity and you can move on :) It seems you are not that happy with the current status-quo anyway

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  • Does he just want to have sex orrr?

  • He's playing games, wanting you to be confused as you are. I say Move on

    • I'm not looking for something serious and he knows that. Thank you tho :)