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How would you feel if a guy you liked ended it with you for having depression and then started to ignore you? Then 3 months later starts dating your friend and they tell you that you ruined things for having depression.

Thanks guys! I mean they started dating only 3 months after. Also she was my friend for over 10 years. Who makes people feel guilty for having a mental health issue? How fucked up is that? Especially when this friend has PTsd. In fact she was misdiagnosed with bipolar first.


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  • Thats why you lay it all out at first and people can choose to stay or go on before any real attachment begins. I've got PTSD... i wave it around like a parade flag. If someone thinks thats a good enough reason not to be around me, great, they would probably make the condition worse anyway. I say good riddance.

    • What hurt was that he pretended to care for weeks and then made me feel like a burden.

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    • He kept calling me needy even though I asked for nothing. He even told my friend he was ending it so I could have someone to help me. It was embarrassing

    • again... he needed a way out.

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  • I'd be upset with my friend for dating my ex.

    • They told me I had no reason to be upset because him and I only hung out twice. Yet we spent two months talking online and we both discussed having feelings for each other.

  • Like I need to stop associating with assholes


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  • I feel like you need new friends