Girl has boyfriend and we got close. How do I proceed in this situation?

So I fell for a girl with a boyfriend. We got close because we connected so well. I realize now she is in a committed relationship and she will not go for me romantically.

I know she is looking for friendship and support. Believe me I want to provide that for her, but i already have developed feelings for her. Should I sit down and talk to her about this?

I think I might just break off all contact. Am I wrong to do that so I don't get hurt anymore? I feel bad about doing this. Im so torn.

I would like some feedback from girls as well


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  • yes. break ties.

    • I guess its my feelings talking when I say I feel so bad doing this.

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    • Do you think i should sit down with her and tell her how i feel and that for her best interest and mine, I'm backing off?

    • I wouldn't if you have a class or work with her or anything where you're forced to see her again unless you're prepared to possibly deal with the boyfriend and extreme awkwardness.

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  • don't talk to her about it just be a good friend and if her relationship goes south you can be there. if you don't try to move on you'll never move on

    • Wouldn't she just friend zone me? meaning that if she did break up, i wouldn't be the one she was romantically interested in

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  • Just fade away quietly.

    Get over her, then you can be friend with her , just friend, for real this time.

    No it not wrong to break all contact, if you want. Your feeling come first. Her feeling are second.

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