A girl I had a 2 week fling now says she doesn't want a relationship at the moment and says she is afraid of losing my friendship?

I met the girl almost 4 years ago at a party, but in all those years we have seen each other less than 5 times. I was romantically engaged with a friend of hers for some time, but things did not work out between us and now we have a bad relationship, which she knows about. Recently. we went drinking for a few nights. It seemed we really clicked and had a lot of chemistry together. She was blushing all the time, made a lot of physical contact would laugh even at my stupid jokes. I kept a bit of distance for a while, but I started liking her. After 2 weeks of going out almost every night, we started making out. She called me immediately after she got home and said that she's been an idiot and apologized, I didn't understand for what and that she had an amazing time and couldn't wait to see me again. Sadly on the next day we both had to leave and go abroad for a month.
I thought this was a nice 2 week fling and nothing would follow. However, we started texting and calling each other. We decided to meet up again in months time.1 week before I went to see her, all of a sudden she slowed down texting and calling me back. She said she had some issues with her Internship. When we met again, I expected to pick up where we left, but she was in a horrible mood and blamed me for her current problems. Apparently, because she had such a good time with me, she almost failed her exams and got a lousy internship. I stuck around a bit with her bad mood and we went out a few times and had a good time. On one of the nights she told me she doesn't want a relationship at the moment, she had an unhappy 3 year long one and didn't want another one now. I told her neither do I, particularly long distance and that I liked her, nothing more. She said she liked me too. For the moment we went back to having fun, but just before I had to leave again for 2-3 months she told me she doesn't want to risk losing my friendship the same way that it happened with her friend and me. What should I do?


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  • Maybe she knows it would upset her friend if she knew you guys were dating. And besides a lot of girls turn guys down because they don't want to ruin the friendship between them :) x

    • The thing is, we never had a friendship to begin with :) We knew each other and all of a sudden in the space of 2 weeks went from people who had seen each other in the last 4 years 5 times to people who go out every night and make out :)

  • let her be your friend at the moment. And see where things goes.


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