Guys and Girls, how sexy is She?

Isn't she pretty?

You are attracted to her, don't you?

But guess what? She's transgendered.

But the question is, does that make her less attractive to you? Does it matter?

Just want to know. Thanks!

  • Yes, it matters. I don't find her sexy anymore.
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  • No, it doesn't matter. I would date her if I could.
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P. S. She went through SCO (sex change operation) so she doesn't have a pernis anymore, she's got a vagina.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm a woman I want a man. If I was a man, I would want a women. If I was homosexual, I would still want a woman/man. Not a half man/woman. It's not attractive to me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • If I was a lad I prolly wouldn't date but that person is pretty good for them for achieving what they wanted

    • No idea what you're saying!

    • Sorry I meant if I was a man I would not date her but it has to be said that she is a pretty person and I'm happy for her for obviously achieving what she wanted (to become a woman)

What Guys Said 1

  • ok this is so weird i mean would you date a girl for a while and then when it comes to sex you go down to find a second cock in the room NO so stay away or if you like it i would say you are gay and should go with dudes.

    • She went through SCO (sex change operation) so she doesn't have a dick anymore, she's got a vagina.. What's your opinion now?

    • my opinion is slightly changed. but if you're serious about this girl and I don't know maybe you want marry her or so. there's something you have to know. that veg doesn't work. she can't have kids.