What are some traits/little things to look for in a girl while dating?

Name one thing to look out for that a girl does. What are some signs she is bad news? What are some signs she is good news?


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  • That she seems genuinely interested and not reluctant. That she listens to you and treats you respectfully. That she enjoys touching and kissing you. That she has her act together-no addictions, financial stability, can handle her emotions reasonably, she's over past relationships.

    • Solid advice. I was looking for more specifics though. Thanks for your opinion anyways

    • Red flags- she seems "hot and cold" with attention without legit reasons (exams, unusual work demands, etc), she insists or hints she wants you to buy her expensive things, she doesn't listen and only talks, she talks about exes too much or says "guys always..." a lot. She blows off class or work a lot, is always looking for freebies from others. She uses drugs and/or alcohol to the point they disrupt her life. Etc.

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