Are there any country girls or White Women from the South who ever enjoy video games as an indoors hobby at least every once in a while?

aside from outdoors activities?

I wonder. The majority of country girls or Southern White women I know are strictly outdoor ladies who ride horses, occasionally help their fathers doing labor work of some sort and reading books (although not an outdoors hobby) as their hobbies. I've honestly never met a country girl who enjoys using advanced technology at all. Most of them in my experience, dislike video games.


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  • There's a reason they're called country girls. Go after a city girl if you want that.

    • Don't get me wrong, I also like outdoor activities as well and the things that country girls enjoy (My family comes from a small town in Mexico where there are horses and ranches) but I just often wonder that there has to be at least one indoors activity that they enjoy.

    • Obviously there are some that do.

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  • Probably..