My boyfriend of LDR hardly talks to me? what could be the reason? please help?

He talks very less, at night when I think of talking to him, he usually says he is too tired to talk. I love him I don't know what I can do? Please help?

he said he is serious for this relationship and he is not gonna leave me whatever happens. But again this behavior makes me think.


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  • He is probably having second thoughts about the relationship and/or is dating, or thinking about dating, someone else.

    • he told me he is not gonna leave me what ever happens, he said he'll marry me too, but this behavior makes me sad.

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    • What I said could be all wrong. But knowing human nature it seems like he is either not that into you or he is otherwise "distracted."

    • Yes I understand.

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  • I'm in a ldr too, me and my bf talk almost every day, at least for 30 minutes. Sometimes we're tired, or we have nothing to say, but we do it cause we understand that without communication a ldr can't work. I think you should let him know that talking is important to you and that you both should make an effort if you want it to work out.