I am seeing a guy who BLAMES me for everything even if it has nothing to do with me. Should I stop seeing him?

I have been seeing this guy for sometime now we get along with everything otherwise... but he likes to put everything that is wrong in a situation and blame it on me. Here are some examples: When he slept over at my place in the morning he forgot that he had a physio appointment and he blamed me... I had no idea he was in physio. Then another time he missed the bus which he blamed it on me. I helped his ass get out the door. Another time when he slept over he woke up with a headache he said "I think it may be because of you." :O wtf.
When I asked him WHY he likes to blame me for things that are not even applicable to me he said its because it makes it easier on him.
Are all these red flags that he could become abusive? should I stop seeing him?


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  • He has an issue that's for sure and he likes to play the blame game which is not good. As for the abusive part don't know some people stay like this and don't get abusive but if he's constantly blaming you its going to mess with your head and you might start beliving it and that's not good for the mind so talk to him right away and be stern

  • Do you like abuse? Do you enjoy being blamed for everything even when you not at fault? Do you love being put down? Does any of this sound fun?



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