Girls, what to do with girl after first date?

What to do after first meetup? Where do you want go/do, what do you expect from your guy? (no fiction)


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  • Depends on the girl bro. Is he athletic, artsy, etc? It's your call. If you already had one date you should know something about her. Figure out something that is maybe in her wheelhouse.

    If she's artsy then maybe go to one of those paint-your-own-pottery places? Gives you time to talk and do an activity.

    Athletic? Maybe go on a hike or bowling or something?

    BBW? Dairy Queen.

    • Thank you. If I don't know any good or normal place to go, is it ok then if we just go somewhere?

    • huh? If you don't know a good or normal place? Where is this "somewhere" you speak of? Avoid caves, dungeons, and desolate wooded areas. Also, don't drive the rape van to pick her up.

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  • After the first meetup, I would want to go out with him somewhere that we can talk and learn more about each other. To see if the initial attraction can be or will be something more.

    • Thank you. Could it be any place he want to?

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    • If she refuse. What then? I know it is easy lose someone by some mistake.

    • Don't you know any of her interests yet? If not you should but just take her to dinner. Maybe a movie. But go to a movie theatre where kids are allowed, not one of those xxx places.

  • Go to a park so you can talk and get to know each other, and the scenery would be nice. If you live where there's snow and that isn't possible maybe go out to lunch or dinner.

    • Thank you. If she is party somwaht extravert girl, and If I take her to boring place like park or beach and we do nothing much. what she could think then?

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    • As much as I know, girls actualy are not into answering at least genuine staff.

    • I like when guys ask me about myself. Girls like to know that you care about them

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