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So i like this guy we've meet twice! And after the second time i just feel like he's not that interested in getting to know me! But he says he does! But it's just a gut feeling! We have talked for about 3months now! And in the very beginning I asked him for his Instagram, then he says it just car related! But I checked it and now I see that he followed a girl that he meet during his work! And when I say are u interested in getting to know me! He says it has to be when we both have time, and of course! But I have this gut feeling that he's not interested.. He used to says like little things as goodnight now he doesn't, what does it mean? I am going crazy!! and I know should just chill, but like I feel like he's just not being honest with me, what do u guys think?


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  • He isn't being honest. About what? Who knows. But when you asked about instagram he blew you off with his remark that it is just car related. A normal person would say, "it is car related but check it out if you want." So he was being deceitful.

    Know one knows if he wants to get to know you but being deceitful is the wrong way to start a relationship.


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