My family doesn't approve of my relationship?

Okay, so I had a crush on a white guy and he ended up liking me back so we are going out. Now it's been a year and for our anniversary, he wants to finally meet my parents. I'm scared of him doing so because my family do not approve of me dating a white guy and if I even considered marrying him they would die and exclude me of the family because no one in my family is of mixed race. Having kids they would roll over in their graves. They are that racist and I hate it. Not only white people, but Mexicans and other races. It's absolutely ridiculous. I just wanted to know whether to tell him about how my family is and what to do? What would you do in this situation?

  • I would tell my boyfriend how my parents are and introduce him to the family.
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  • I would not tell my boyfriend how my parents are and not introduce him to the family.
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  • Tell him, but don't introduce him to them.
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  • I don't know/ See results.
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  • I picked E.. It would be a good idea to tell him how they feel about you dating / seeing someone outside you race , and allow him to make the decision as to whether or not he still wants to meet them. Explain to him also how it could cause you trouble within your family. I have no doubt this is difficult for you young lady. Good luck


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  • Tell him about your parents and leave whether he wants to meet them or not up to him.


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