My boyfriend say the baby ain't his do you think he's honest?

My boyfriend stays with his cousin (suppose to be) and from what I know about her she got married in 2013 and has 2 kids by the guy. I don't know whether or not she still married I don't think she is. My boyfriend was released from incarceration in August and I'm thinking he's lying about her being related to him. The girl turned 5 months in December I don't know what to think. All I know is he stay with a pregnant girl. He say he have no kids but I don't know. His parole officer allowed him to stay in the state since he wasn't allowed out of state back home. Before I met him he was staying with the girl. She never answered his phone and etc. she post pictures of him on her page and say he single and somebody ask how long then he said for 2 seconds. I don't see any pictures of them hugged up or whatever. He was incarcerated for 3 years. But she was with her husband until some part of last year I don't know what to believe


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  • Only one way to find out. Take a test