Is this too soon?

Hanging out with a girl that's a few years older than I am. Taking her bowling and out to dinner. If things go well, is it too early to kiss her?

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  • If she shows interest then it's fine - but if she shows any sign of not being interested I wouldn't try it - I had a guy kiss me off guard and it was so annoying because I didn't like him at all. I think your safest bet is a hug, I don't think a kiss is needed, I've never kissed on the first date, and I'm kind of glad because I find a kiss quite serious anyway. Go for a hug, everyone is happy with that, and if you linger slightly and she lingers in front of you and looks at your eyes and mouth constantly then maybe she wants a kiss, bu otherwise just go for a hug, it's much safer :)


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  • If she shows interest, than I think it would be okay. But just a peck, not a full on french 101 session. Is it going to be the first date? Because if so, I don't think you should kiss her. Maybe hug her at the end of the night when you drop her off, but not kiss. You don't wanna rush anything be jumping the gun early.

    • Kind of the first? I went on a double date with her, a friend of mine and his girlfriend, but I don't know if that really counts.

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    • Alright, thanks.

    • No problem! Happy to help!

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  • I voted B.. But you didn't say how long the two of you have been hanging out.