Would my prom date be offended if I had a girlfriend?

So I have a really big crush on this girl. I've wanted to ask her out for awhile now. (Let's call her girl #1 to avoid confusion)

I want to take my friend (girl #2) to her school's prom coming up. She and I are just friends. We don't have feelings for each other. I don't go to her school but I'm taking her to her prom as her date.

is it mean to ask girl#2 to prom as friends, and ask girl #1 out on date to be more than friends? I'm not intentionally trying to "play" anyone here. one girl I like and the one I'm taking to prom is just my friend. I can't take girl#1, my crush, to prom because she isn't old enough to go yet. if she was, I wouldn't have this problem to start with.


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  • you are 20 years old and going to prom?

    but any way

    just to be clear. you actually do not have a girlfriend. she is just a girl that you have a crush on?

    Well then in that case as long as your friend knows that you see her has a friend and are not trying to date her then I dont think she will be mad if you have a crush on someone else. a lot of people go to prom with friends because everyone really is just not in relationships like people want you to think. Just becasue you take your friend to the prom does not mean you have to date her.


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  • you'll avoid so much hassle just taking 1 girl. how are you gonna dance with both of them when a slow song comes on?

    what am I fucking talking about, they don't play slow songs in this generation lol.