Is he getting closer to me?

I had been liking a guy since 1 year and got a bouquet of flowers for him one day. Initially he refused me through one of my friends saying that he doesn't want to have any girlfriend or wife ever (is is certainly not interested in me). It broke my heart and I cried a lot. The next day he said to me he never saw me that way. After that I stopped running after him. Then I observed him getting closer to me himself. That day he misbehaved with me over something (he doubted me for something I didn't do) but I remained quiet though I got hurt. The next day he called me himself and apologised by saying that he was wrong and shouldn't have hurt a being like me. I began to cry upon which he said to me not to cry as it would hurt him more. Then after a lot many days I happened to receive his call and he said "It's been long I didn't hear your voice so thought of calling you." He also feels comfortable in sharing about his interests and about his childhood experiences with me. I have always been admiring an praising him to what he recently said to me that it encourages him and he feel boosted up. I also said to him, "Shall I say one thing you can't live alone as I always found u poetry loving, out going, company loving person. If you stay alone, it'd depress you." He said, "You are right." I said "I am not always right." He said "No I always come across your comments over different posts on Facebook and I find you are mostly right about things." He was driving at that time; at once he said to me "The moon is beautiful tonight in the clouds." I said "I dont find attraction in moon seeing it alone." He said "Go out on your roof and see it and also capture it as a memory that I saw it while driving and you saw it on roof - we both saw it together." I am feeling he has feelings for me. or he is developing feelings. Why would he be so close to me; likes to call me? Agrees with me over certain things? Didn't avoid me after I said I love him. He might be realizing all this?


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  • I think he's a smooth talker, nothing more


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