Why do some women play mind games and what age does that usually stop?

I'm curious for some women that are in their mid 20s, why do still play mind games. For example a woman could show you tons of interest, constantly chase you, etc but the moment you let your guard up and hint that you like them (even if it's subtle), they back off and act like you're needy, clingy, a creep or psycho?

It's like you constantly have to make them feel like they need to compete for your attention. by the way I'm not saying because I like a girl that means she owes me love, sex, etc.

I'm talking about the ones who initiate the flirting, attention, etc and then avoid you once you like them back because you're not a challenge.

Now while the one who has the less interest holds more power, it's like why is it a turnoff for a guy to want to be with you as much as you want to be with them?

When should that chasing stop and you both agree to be exclusive?

Apparently complaining about his makes me a whiny entitled "nice guy"?


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  • The mind games never stop. Mind games are just a way of manipulating someone, and do to humans ability to remain selfish throughout our entire lives, people will continue to manipulate others their whole lives. The number of mind games may go down, as they learn what works and what doesn't work, but as long as they are rewarded for their mind games, they will keep doing it, in order to get what they want.

    You also can't avoid all mind games. If they can never get you to do what they want, then they will think it is because you don't care about them. You have to find a balance, and learn to play mind games better than they do, or at least as well.

    If you really just can't handle mind games at all, then another option might be to find a woman that cares more about you, than you care about her. This makes it so that she realizes than in order to keep you around, she has to be on her best behavior. Again balance is required in this tactic as well.

    If either person clearly loves the other so much more that the other person can manipulate them for too often, then it is time to end the relationship or neither person will be happy. One will feel unloved, and the other will be stuck with someone they don't care about, and often don't even respect anymore after all the boot licking they did to please them. You can't be afraid to end a bad relationship, or else they learn that you will put up with all the crap they can dish out.


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  • Because they like the thrill of the chase. It can go on until she is 90 I guess. All women aren't like that and some that are will always be that way.

    • True, not all of them are that way but it's hard to tell when ones truly interested or just playing games.

      I think it's bullshit when the girls initiate the flirting and lead you on that strong act like you're needy a creep for liking them back.

  • Dude, Women will ALWAYS play mind games. It's in their programming.
    They will lower the degree of mind-fuckery as they get older and desperate but there will always be a certain level of bullshit mind games.

    • True, I should have been more specific. Mine was mainly about the level of interest and the chase mind game.