We have a great time, but we dont really kiss.. What could he be thinking about this?

I am dating this guy, i think he's great, but i think we are both quite shy in this dating thing. I have been over at his place a few times, we watch movies, series, etc, while snuggling. We kissed some on the third date, where it almost got a little too hot. :P We have been on two dates since, and we haven't kissed since that time. We still snuggle, and he.. fondles my breasts, you could say. Its nice.. I know we feel the moment to kiss, and in that sense, its like i can read his mind, i know he's thinking about it.

Its just, what do you guys think he is feeling/thinking about this? Annoyed, embarrassed, dont care... I want to know. Do you think he is just waiting for me to do it? Am i confusing you? :)


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  • There are times early in a relationship where you just freeze or lock right up. Kissing may be something he thinks is harder to do in terms of technique, but feeling boobs is easy. You might have to initiate to re-break the ice!

    • Thank you! That helped. =) I will try...

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  • If y'all have already kissed and he fondles your breasts, than you kiss him girl! Sometimes, you just gotta go for it.

    • Haha, i am scared that if i just "go for it" i will use too much force and accidentally knock his teeth out. :P Thank you!

    • That still happens to me sometimes with my boyfriend when things get hot and heavy haha you just gotta learn to laugh at it!

  • hmmm, I know what you mean... why not tilt your head his way and give him that "kiss me look" and see what happens.
    If he still doesn't kiss you, then just kiss him... and see if he kisses you back!! If he doesn't kiss you back, its an indication that he might want to remain friends.
    So try that... I hope you guys start kissing like crazy and the shyness goes away