Should I start talking to her or not?


So there's this girl I like in our school, a year younger than me.

She doesn't know I like her, well unless people told her now most of the people know. However my friend had started talking to her, he's only just found out I like her. Apparently she went from sending him 1 kiss (x) to 8(xxxxxxxx) in one night. And apparently they are meeting up somewhere. But this week I've not seen them talk in school and she looked at me the other day when her friend did something.

I'm quite shy so haven't asked her out or messaged her but now my mate is onto her then I think I should make a move, I don't want to split up our friendship as we've grown up together since we were 8 but I think it's right if I make a move! Also is it stupid if I rob his girl or not? Also her sending him 8 x's, does it mean anything?

Please help I have no idea what to do!!


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  • If you want to make a move, you should talk to your friend about it first. This is a prime friendship-ruining situation. It sounds like maybe going for her isn't a great idea. If I were you, I'd just leave it alone. She sounds like she's really into your friend right now anyway (hence the 8 x's).

    When you are interested in a girl, definitely talk to her! Don't be afraid to ask someone out or start a conversation. I know it's easier said than done. And I was incredibly shy as a teenager. But the best dating advice anyone has ever given me is this: Don't ever be afraid to ask someone out, for if you hesitate, you may later regret it. You only live once. Unless you're a cat.

    • Well I'm hoping it doesn't work out for them! He's a bit of a cocky tit so I hope she realises that and tells him to jog on!! But what annoys me is that she keeps making eye contact with me, always likes my Instagram pictures. However I got a 7/10 for look of her few weeks ago..

    • But he's still your friend so talking to him before making your move is important if you value your friendship. Unfortunately, if she is into him, there's nothing you can do. She'll just have to realize that he's a cocky tit on her own. If she likes him, even her best friends won't be able to change that.
      What's 7/10 for look of her? I don't understand.

    • She put on snapchat story. X for looks. So I sent her a snapchat with x on it and she replied with a 7. Which means she rates you a 7 out of 10 for a in how good looking you are

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  • It would be a wise thing to at least find out if your friend is still seeing / hanging out with this girl or not. If you do value this friendship as you say then making a move to attain a relationship with this girl would be way out of line on your part if your friend is indeed already in a relationship with her. Going from 1 x , to 8 x without a doubt means she has interest in him whether or not he shares the same feelings is what you need to ask him.

  • Without even reading the details: YES. It never hurts to talk to and get to know anyone, really. Especially girls.

    8 x's though? That's how shit is measured? Fuuuuck...

    • In last sentence what do you mean?

    • I just mean why are things measured by texting these days. "OMG 8 x's". It's ridiculous.

    • Well people think that x's of a girl mean something. They probably do but 8 is over the top really. Also she told him that I snapchatted her the other day about something.

  • You should never ever try to steal your friends girl, it's totally against guy code and bro code. I say wait if it explodes and they hate each other, best chance then.

  • I would just leave her alone, your bro is obviously into her and he kinda has first dibs cause he made the first move. Be a bro

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