Girl friend came back and she's really pretty now, how to ask her out?

I'm had a friend in highschool named Lena. Lena was a bigger girl and and was really awkward. But she was really nice and smart so I talked to her, she didn't have many friends so we became close. But we were always just friends. Then the she moved way and it was no big deal
Anyway I was on campus the other day, just walking around and he ame up to me asking if I sill remembered her. I said I didn't but after she explained everything came flooding back. But she's seriously hot now. She's lost a lot of weight, he got her braces off, her body is perfect (she's Curvy and skinny, it's just amazing)
We decided to go somewhere and talk. She told me she moved back for college and that, she's still figuring things in the city out. But upon talking to her I realized she's still the same shy awkward girl I met in highschool. Plus she's extremely funny and still really smart
We've talked a couple more times and I really think I like her. I want to ask her out but I don't want it to seem like I only want her body now. Before I liked her but now I like her and am attracted to her. I just don't want to mess things up with her.


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  • Tricky situation. From experience, it's kind of a crappy feeling to know that someone didn't like you simply because of how you looked. I've been there. Even if you don't come right out and say it, there's still a chance that she'll think about it.

    That said, if you really like her then go for it. But be prepared for the possibility of her asking you "why now?"

  • Well you weren't a dick to her in high school right? It's completely fine then, just talk to her like you normally would. Things will fall in place if it's a mutual attraction.


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