Is it normal for life to be meaningless after a breakup?

My first love cheated on me multiple times and left. she's cheated on other people with me too. But i love her. But its also gotten to the point where i must move on. she's now back with the guy she's been cheating on me with, and now im alone. I work in the same area as her, so i see her car and sometimes, her every day.

My family sees that i have changed, my friends know I've changed, and it seems like life will never be the same without her. I know i need to move on, but how?

I'm so broken. I went to her house yesterday like an idiot and poured my heart out. But i spent the night, and she was texting this guy the whole time. Cheating on him again.. How do i get rid of her. I lack the strength to leave her alone, she always makes her way back. This pain is tearing me apart.


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  • She sounds like a POS. You just have to keep moving forward. Watch 500 days of summer ( Jk but i did i watch that religiously after my breakup), cry, vent in a healthy way, find ways to distract yourself. Join a boxing club to get your frustration out, get into a new hobby, find a group of people who do hobbies together, if you need, have some time for yourself. Plan a big trip somewhere, out of the country by yourself. Just know that you'll be okay. It's time to focus on yourself now. Use this time to build up, not tear yourself down. There are many others whp have had bad breakups, and it has resulted in great songs, great works of art, and it has even resulted in finding someone out there who is better. Just keep going and keep moving, you'll get over her faster that way than sulking.

    • I have seen that movie multiple times lol. i love it. But how can i when she's with someone and im not? She had someone lined up ready to go after me, but stupid me loved her to bits. Its really hard.. I feel all alone and my family recommends therapy, but i can't do that. Its not for me. I find it really pathetic how hard im taking this, when she probably isn't even thinking a though of me. Thats what kills me the most..

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    • Thanks. The whole issue with us was the ex boyfriend. He was always int he picture. But our recent break up, she actually cheated on him, with me. He never knew we were together. She was telling him she loved him every night through Facebook, as i was spending the night with her. He was wondering why she wasn't talking to him much anymore and they werent hanging out either. He gave me his Facebook info once he found out to prove it. But even after all the cheating she did to him, he still went back to her after our breakup lol.

    • Well there you go, she is a cheater. Just learn your lesson in this and make sure the next girl you date is not involved with someone else. Also, don't cheat on anyone else or you'll be exactly the way she is.

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  • I've been there and it's hard, very hard but with time it. will get better and maybe spending time with friends and doing things to make you happy. It will get better i promise you.


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  • You wake up and tell yourself to keep moving buddy and eventually you'll find someone else and be like oh shit i cried over this? It gets better, hang in there

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